About the Artist

                 Artist’s Statement


Many of us feel more vibrant and alive when we are connected to the beauty and wonder of nature. My artwork, in whichever medium I happen to be working, is my way of engaging and celebrating this innate and important connection. I am always trying to express and interpret the visceral qualities I find in the natural world. Inspiration comes from many sources, such as the cloud formations at sunset, the play of light and shadow on a gnarled tree, or the intricate and unique organic shapes found on the beach and in the woods.

                   Artist’s Bio


I have been drawing and creating from a very young age, encouraged by my artist mother. I was always making things and expressing myself artistically. After high school, I went on to earn a master’s degree in architecture at the Catholic University of America. I worked for many decades in the architecture and residential construction fields, all the while still pursuing my own personal art projects. I currently create with stained glass paint, oil on canvas, ceramic sculpting, and raku. I also enjoy designing and building unique structures with wood.